It’s Spring Time – Tea Time!

March 23rd, 2009

Wow, it’s been a while since I last wrote a new post, for which I am truly sorry, but now I am back and hope all my regular readers will happy to learn more useful information every week.

Have a look at this spring time tea offers:

Ceylon Sonata
Black tea from Sri Lanka. In colonial times, this island-nation was known as Ceylon. This name is still used to describe all teas grown here. Ceylon tea is bright and lively, with a wonderfully delicate flavor. Our ‘Ceylon Sonata’ is the finest grade tea from the renowned Kenilworth estate, located in Sri Lanka’s Kandy region. The perfect afternoon tea.

Irish Breakfast
Our new combination of black teas from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Assam (India). As its name implies, Irish Breakfast tea is an ideal accompaniment to a morning meal. It smoothly blends the high notes of a high-grown Ceylon with the malty underscore of a hearty Assam. May be enjoyed plain or with a drop of milk. One of our most popular teas. The perfect afternoon tea.

Yunnan Jig
Black tea from the Yunnan region of China. Yunnan tea is easily identified by its luscious soft leaves, and a unique peppery taste. It is a very forgiving tea; will not taste bitter when over-steeped. Yunnan tea is arguably the most underrated of Chinese varieties. If you have yet to try it, we would recommend it highly. Our ‘Yunnan Jig’ would make a great introduction.

All customers who have tried them just love them. I am sure will love them too.

New! Green Tea Plus Herbal Drops Formula Harvests the Power of Green Tea Extract

December 29th, 2008

Green Tea Plus drops harvest pure green tea extract in combination with trace minerals – it’s a delicious, high-antioxidant drink specially designed to support your immune system. That’s a very high green tea concentration – in just a few drops of the Green Tea Plus herbal supplement you get the equivalent of six cups of regular green tea.

How Green Tea Plus is different from other similar products?

GT Plus is unique for harvesting very powerful green tea extract with 7800 ORAC Value – impressively high antioxidant rating (times more than the recommended daily dose). Just for comparison – the US Department of Agriculture recommends an ORAC value ingestion of about 3,000 to 5,000 daily.

Imagine that with a single Green Tea Plus serving a day (one dropper) you get antioxidant power and protection equivalent to drinking six cups of regular Green tea. So instead of thinking how many more cups you need to drink for the day – use one dropper of Green tea Plus herbal supplement in your favorite beverage – and you are done!

Green Tea Plus Benefits

+ Natural energy boost
+ Immune system support
+ Promotes healthy metabolism
+ Nutrition
+ Concentrated green tea drops deliver antioxidant power
+ Trace minerals aid in regular body functions

All Green tea lovers might be already aware of the many green tea extract benefits, but it is always good to remind some of the amazing qualities of the Green tea and its polyphenol power.

How does Green Tea Plus help you?

Green Tea Plus Drops are the answer to all who want to lose weight healthily, keep it off and maintain great shape and high spirits in healthy body for good.

It will give you plenty of energy to continue doing your everyday activities and even improve your work. You will get the feeling you can do almost anything you have ever wanted but never had the time to do it. For example going to the gym twice a week won’t be such a great effort anymore. And if not going to the gym then practicing exercising at home 2- 3 times a week will become your favorite activity.

Green Tea Plus is an immune system booster. Your body will be able to heal on its own from many light sicknesses, for which you used medication before. It can regulate your blood pressure levels (i.e. promotes cardiovascular health). GT Plus can make you less dependant on coffee.

If you combine the intake of Green Tea Plus herbal drops with a healthy diet plan you won’t get sick so often, or even you won’t get sick at all.

How to use GT Plus herbal supplement?

Use one dropper in water, tea or other of your favorite beverages. There is no problem if it is a hot or cold drink.

How to order?

You can choose from three different Green Tea Plus Drops quantities depending on your personal needs.

Visit the Green Tea Plus official website to order immediately!

Green Tea Sampler – the Most Wonderful Way to Experience the World of Green Tea

October 31st, 2008

If you’ve heard a lot about green tea, but haven’t tried loose leaf tea yet, then this Green Tea Sampler Set might be the best way to introduce yourself to the great variety of teas in the world of green tea.

We all know all about the benefits of drinking green tea, so why don’t you just sit down, relax and enjoy the full aroma of a nice cup of tasteful Green tea.

This is not an ordinary Green Tea, it is original Chinese selection of the highest quality green tea leaves. This sample pack, which comes with very cheap price, contains 6 sample tins, each of which makes about 8 to 10 cups of tea.

Each sample is different and all six will give you awesome experience with wide range of green teas.
The set includes:

White monkey – green tea that produces a very sweet cup
Gunpowder – a full-bodied tea with a hint of smokiness
Li zi nutcracker – chinese tea with nutty taste and aroma
Pi lo chun – tea from the Fujian province of China
Kukicha – Japanese tea consisting of leaves and white twigs
Spiced green – tea with the flavors of orange and cinnamon

If you are an old Green tea lover, you will fall in love with this fantastic green tea selection, which is sure to expand your tastes. You will love some tastes more, others not so much, but in the end you will want more and will enjoy beautiful moments with your family and friends drinking some of the best and most popular Chinese Green Teas.

If you are not sure what Green Tea is supposed to taste like, then this sample set will surprise you very pleasantly by the amazing tastes these Chinese teas have. You will definitely order again and will recommend them to many – that’s for sure :)