This is what you need to know if you want to set up a shop selling tea and coffee

Smitten by the leaves and the beans? Are you one of those who are connoisseurs of the two best drinks in the world? Have you been smitten by the likes of the iced tea and the coffee frappe? Do you dream of the Indian Masala Chai and the café Latte simultaneously in the same night? Well, if you answered yes to anyone or all of them, chances are extremely high that you don’t just like you drink but that you will go to any length to make sure your drink is the perfect one. And you are the right candidate to start a tea house or a coffee place!

When the love for your beverage and the entrepreneurship bug bites you together:

If you are thinking of starting your own business in tea and coffee, you will need to first determine if it is the tea and coffee generically that you want to sell or do you want to open a tea and a coffee nook to be able to provide beverages to your customer directly.

There is scope for both:

There is a good amount of scope for both and that is why you must in the beginning think about what you want to do. you may want to do a SWOT analysis to be able to derive at your leanings and if you think you want to do either of it you must also e able to take into consideration factors such as your investment ratio, the cost of beverages in your area, the area where the cafeteria or the shop will be prospectively located and the demand in your area to just name a few. Of course the list is not at all exhaustive.

You may need to do a detailed report first:

A detailed report will give you a clear indication of what you must expect from your investment. it will help you understand also your strengths and weaknesses and help you form a solid foundation to start the work with.

In case you want to start a shop selling tea and coffee:

Your inventory:

This is the most basic when it comes to setting up the shop, right? Yes, but when you are dealing with things such as tea and coffee you will also need to know about them in detail. You will need to learn everything that is about the two beverages to be able to tell the difference between the different tea leaves and the different coffee beans. You may want to check out the website for a detailed analysis and note-making of what you must know and expect from this field.

This is what will set you apart:

There are millions of shops selling their tea and coffee wares and there are specialized stores and then are the huge departmental stores that sell varieties of them, so what is it that is going to set you apart from all of them? Here are some of the pointers for setting up a roaring business:

Choosing the right location:

The place must have high traffic of people and you must know that people who haunt these spots will be around the location. For example, near a shopping district or a university etc. you must also make sure that there are no competitors around. Opening up near an existent cafeteria or a tea house may end up affecting the legitimate business of that café as well. It is a good idea to contact a real estate agent in order to identify the places with heavy footfalls so that you know that there will be steady stream of people in to the café.

You must be able to cater to the class and the mass:

The inventory must be diverse and include both for the masses and the classes. You would not want to limit your business by catering only to the niche. You may want to rather double up as everyone’s cup of tea (pun intendedJ)

The interiors:

The interior of the cafeteria gives an idea of the mood of it so keep the interiors light and the lighting warm. People who frequent these haunts usually come to relax over a cuppa and do not want to be distracted with heavy furniture, china or strong lights. You can keep some books to give them company while they sip from their cup.

The marketing:

How you market your joint will depend on how successful your place is going to be. For example if you like it to be a quite reading nook, you can advertise it with all the attributes including the books that you feature every month or you invite an upcoming or an established author to come and read his book. There are a million things that