What's In For You

Do you have a cafeteria and are gearing to have more footfalls there? Are you someone who loves to be in the midst of all the happenings? Do you love that your quaint little coffee nook becomes the centre of all the talk worthy conversations in the town? Would you love if your café is transformed overnight into something that is the must visit place over the weekend or even weekday evenings?

Well, who wouldn't want that their cute little nook garners a lot of limelight and for all the correct reasons? That they are featured every day in the tabloid for having the who's who of the area visiting them and the paparazzi that follows them who just does not seem to have enough of them? So, we are here! We are into event managing for the last two decades and have been the fulcrum of activities at more than two hundred cafeteria around the country. We manage events and can conduct any event especially for a cafeteria to ensure that there are more number of footfalls and that the number keeps increasing every week. How we work?

We work around an agreement that we enter into with the cafeteria. The agreement chalks out the terms and conditions which includes that whenever the cafeteria wants us to work out an event for them in order to promote them we shall be obliged for a fixed sum/remuneration and be able to rope a celebrity to be able to create a buzz in the neighborhood. The fee which is fixed beforehand shall include everything like the cost of advertising of the event to the games and the prizes if any that are won by the participants. The celebrity cost shall also be borne within the fees.

The place and the interior:

The decoration of the cafeteria and the venue however shall be outside the scope of the event managers and it shall be the onus of the café's management to be able to create the correct interior in order to host the event successfully.